#1 Breakout Artist and Top 4 Artist on Billboard Dance/Electronic Charts!

Now this is a track to get anybody feeling good! This bouncing dance song sounds like it should be playing in clubs all over the world...

— Brit Hits (March 2016)

Top Vocalist of the Month

- Singeruniverse (Dec 2015)

Finnish singer Karel Ullner knows how to create the perfect feel for a steamy party without drifting into a paradigm of tastelessness. ‘Closer To My Body’ is sensual, hot and catchy – a song you want to move to, dream to and quite possibly make out to. The singer’s video is certainly nothing short of sexy vibes, which is mostly due to the fact that the musician gives us a little glimpse of his own, well trained body. While this all sounds rather superficial, I highly suggest you hear for yourself that the musical talent and the song is far from superficiality. Karel manages to create the perfect balance between seduction and sonic perfection.

— Pop Loving Tarts (February 2016)

Karel himself said ‘I finally decided to let myself write electronic music after years of only rock’ and aren’t we are glad he did!

— The Lightning Nation (March 2016)

The song actually grows on you in contagious pop fashion

— SONICBREAKFAST on "Closer To My Body"